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Back pressure density coaxial valves!

Coaxial valves are ideal for directing aggressive gaseous (e.g. gas, biogas) and liquid media such as VE-Water. Due to their construction method, these valves can even be used with contaminated media or high viscosity, colloidal fluids. Directly controlled coaxial valves form NieRuf Industrial Valves work pressure-compensated, which means they shut off at 0,0 bar. Additionally, no pressure is required for power shift. Do you work with vacuum or counter-pressure? For our coaxial valves series CV01 and CV02 that is not a problem! The construction of the valves allows them to be used in areas of vacuum technology, in high-pressure systems or other appliances with counter-pressure.


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Possible connections for coaxial valves DN10, DN15, DN20 and DN25

Since we deliver from stock, we can guarantee a rapid delivery. Our modular system allows us to offer connections such as DN10, DN15, DN20, and DN25. Additionally, we offer sleeve connection in 3/8”, ½“, ¾“, and up to 1”. Depending on the application, you can find 2/2 or 2/3 directional valves. If you are looking for directly controlled valves with a connected load of 230V, 24V or rather via compressed air externally controlled valves, you will find the right coaxial valve. Another advantage of our coaxial valves is the very short switching time, often less than 30 milliseconds!

Maintenance-free & dirt resistant: coaxial valve

Due to the high quality and technically smart design of our stainless steel and brass coaxial valves, they are especially low maintenance and low-wear, even with heavily contaminated media. Compared to different designs, the valves from NieRuf Industrial Valves have service times ten times as long as regular ones, so buying from NieRuf will actually save your company a lot of money. Please feel free to contact as, and we will be happy to help you find the right coaxial valve, or just access our online shop and order your coaxial valve at low cost and with rapid delivery.


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